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The Battle of Passchendaele
Highlights of the Battle
The Basics
Lessons Learned


*This Battle was a triumph for Arthur Currie and his corps. It was one of the most controversial battles in the great war because of Douglas Haig's decision to not call off the offensive earlier than November.

*Mustard Gas was first used by the Germans at Passchendaele and Canadians were some of the first to suffer its effects of blindness, skin blistering, internal bleeding, pulmonary edema, and death.

*A heavy preliminary artillery bombardment was effected for ten days before the launch of the attack on July 31. This bombardment made use of 3,000 guns expending four and a quarter million shells.

*The battle was known as the "Battle of Mud"

*Passchendaele was said to have the worst battlefield on the western front as the constant shelling left the clay soil churned and the drainage system smashed. During the battle, the heaviest rain that area had seen in thirty years fell and thick mud was produced, clogging rifles and immobilizing tanks.

*The mud eventually became so deep that both men and horses drowned in it.

*The Canadians displayed high standards of leadership, staff work and training, and succeeded where all others had failed.

*Jack Turner, a Canadian soldier and photographer, described Passchendaele as his worst experience during the war. The mud, terrible planning, and harsh fighting created one of the most difficult battles of the First World War.