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The Battle of Passchendaele
Results of the Battle
The Basics
Lessons Learned

On November 6, 1917, the British and Canadian forces captured what was left of the village of Passchendaele. This village lay only five miles from the starting point of the battle. The success had taken three months, 310,000 British men, and 260,000 German men. Of the British casualities, 15,654 of these men were Canadian soldiers aiding the British troops.
For all the fighting and casualities that had been lost, the final result for the Allied Forces were that they seized 5 km squared of land and mud.


In recognition for their efforts at Passchendaele, nine Canadian soldiers recieved the Victoria Cross. These nine soldiers were:

*Colin Fraser Barron

*Thomas William Holmes

*Hugh McKenzie

*George Harry Mullin

*Christopher Patrick John O'Kelly

*George Randolph Pearkes

*James Peter Robertson

*Robert Shankland